Charter Spectrum Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Charter Spectrum Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Charter Spectrum did:
Gave me a cell phone that didn’t work and tier 2 couldn’t get it fixed and kept going from one person to next and finally told me to just send in phone and I could go back to old carrier. Phone was in perfect new like condition when I sent it back and I paid over half of the device on payment plan. Tier 2 told me I wouldn’t owe money but I would actually get a partial refund fir the phone since I paid so much for it in a 6 month period. Well they have kept taking monthly service charges, and then took out a large amount to pay for a phone and sent pictures on a severely damaged phone. You could tell by pictures the phone was damaged on purpose cause it had circular scratches all over front and back and the hard glass screen protector was removed then screen was scratched. I have pictures of the phone before it left and spectrum kept saying it was received like that. They have fraudulent took over 800 from me, won’t stop taking monthly service charges, they still say my number is active even though I don’t have a phone with them and my number is ported to another carrier.

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