JetBlue Bad Customer Support

JetBlue Bad Customer Support

What JetBlue did:
Fort Meyers is decent but a crew member who works for JetBlue; Gina & Charlotte are by the far the worst people who work there. I had my service animal with me and I’ve been traveling with my pet for many years now due to my disability. I went to check in at 0945 hours because my flight was for 10:30. I had all my documents and all my paper work with me and I was denied for my service dog even with all the paper works that were needed. I had no problem getting to Florida but to get home there was a huge issue. Gina asked me what meds I was taking and HIPAA law states she is not allowed to ask me what meds I am on and show me the tasks my dog does. She was rude, nasty to everyone and told me to get off the line because she had cancel my flight. I asked to speak to a supervisor and told me to get off the line. I told her I was going to file a report and cursed at me and told me to do whatever the f I wanted. I feel so violated by this person how she spoke to me. I will no longer fly with JetBlue by the way I was spoken to. Never again will I fly with JetBlue nor will I ever come to this airport again.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Refund for renting a car to drive all the way back to New York. Tolls, Gas etc…. I want a refund for all the points I have given to this airline and still have thousands of points with them. I will be NO LONGER with this airline and will be canceling my credit card with them!

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