Lyft Bad Customer Support

Lyft Bad Customer Support

What Lyft did:
They dropped me off at the Dr office, time to pick up they keep saying driver outside I didn’t see anyone,three different cars went to another address, I stood outside for 25 minutes until nurse told me to come back in , finally after45 minutes they came, tried to text customer service but they asked me to pay for talking to customer service, I keep trying till I read a text, another stupid customer, I looked at my account for the last two days going and coming from the exact place and I was charged four times more, I’m a senior and I can’t drive right now and they took advantage of that, I never had any problems and when I did I was harrass,and sent to four different numbers and non of them take customer service it’s an answer machine sending you back to the exact place that you started online that’s when I was called another stupid customer thank you for listening I couldn’t be the first, I have never got in a Lyft with a driver that wasn’t polite, it’s the company customer service that harrass me

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
My refund for changing me for rides I didn’t take, and for them to have more respect for seniors, need a customer service phone that you can talk to a human being, and never send a message calling customer stupid thank you

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Indiana | Read more Lyft complaints

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