Coinbase Locked My Account

Coinbase Locked My Account

What Coinbase did:
I purchased some cryptocurrencies and held the coins on the app called Coinbase Wallet, which is owned by Coinbase. There is an app glitch that logs you out of your account and then when you enter your passphrase, it links your passphrase to a brand new wallet that does not include your coins. I have reached out to Coinbase by submitting multiple support tickets that they keep closing out stating the issue was resolved, but I still cannot access my original wallet using my passphrase. I also have a screenshot of my passphrase from the Coinbase app that proves it is correct as well as proof of all of my coin deposits to the missing wallet address. I keep emailing Coinbase every day and one time they said a specialist would get back to me in 5 business days and nothing has been done. Its been almost two months and in that time the price of the coins I bought has went up and then down and I had no access to sell and take profit. Can you help?

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I want access to my original wallet and compensation for what I could have sold the coins for if I had access to my wallet

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Delaware | Read more Coinbase complaints

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