RCN Complaint

RCN Complaint

What RCN did:
RCN has violated The Telemarketing Sales Rule. This rule also covers calls made by consumers in response to offers or solicitations made via the mail. I contacted them by phone and they did not resolve the issue. I have received 9 offers in the mail after speaking with Samantha who is an agent from RCN confirming that my address has been removed from offer and marketing purposes on March 12, 2021at 10:57 AM. No notification in writing was issued. After I requested it to be in writing. I have evidence I’m currently receiving weekly postcards from this company.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would for them to apologize, delete my personal information from their database, and refund me for sending me offers after I called to have them stop doing so.

How would you rate your experience with RCN?
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Submitted by: Anonymous in District of Columbia | Read more RCN complaints

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