Merrill Lynch Complaint

Merrill Lynch Complaint

What Merrill Lynch did:
My account was frozen since june 8th. I called and was informed to go to bank of America to get verified. My husband and I went to bank of America and they said they do not have a merriill Lynch representative. We called Merrill Lynch to let them and someone was able to help us a few minutes later my account was locked again. I called them and they said that my account is under review because my husband opened and use my account without power of attorney. I asked them to sell my stocks and put the money in my account. I was told that I can not sell or buy until review of my account is complete. I lost a potential gain of at least 15,000 because of my account was locked and I was not able to sell or buy stocks. I told them there is no fraud on the account and that there is no reason to lock it. I also told them to note that they will be responsible for any losses or any damages accrued because of their actions.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
refund for damages due to inability to sell stocks.

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