AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
We have been a customer of At&t cellular and Uverse for over 10 years. We try everything we can to pay on time. But like others we are suffering some bad times with covid. I have had covid as well as my husband. Which we had no pay coming in for about 1 month. I don’t work because of medical problems. And my husbands job is in restaurants so a big hit to their revenue is to say the least. All I’m asking for is help. I want to pay my bill. I just need help. I spoke to a representative and his exact words were. Sorry your phone will be discontinued until I can pay. How can I pay if I’m trying to catch up my bills. I asked if I could pay $100.00 today. Practically begging. Actually I was begging. Without phone no work. And I’m not even saying I don’t I want to pay you I want to pay you I tried so hard today three times calling 611 for help three supervisors later they said oh well do you know how hard it is to bag so have your phone stayed on it’s ridiculous I’m so mortified that I have to even write this letter to you please get back to me at ***-***-****
If you are an intake manager please have a heart let me pay 100 today and I will pay the Friday following the remainder if I don’t get any help if you could please show me who I can go to next thank you so much I expect a call as soon as possible I cannot have my phone shut off I I am disabled and I would have no communication to my husband it says do you want information of what I was promised I was promised nothing no help oh well your phone will be turned on when you can that would help I got from AT&T please don’t make let me have to put this on the news in our community when there’s so many other carriers we can go to

AT&T cellular owes me common decency why I have been on the phone since 8 o’clock this morning begging for them not to shut my phone off so I can talk to my little girl for my daughter because I am home alone I want my bill taken care of because I had the most rudest manager tell me oh well when you can pay you can pay but meanwhile my phones going to get shut off today I will pay when my check comes in and I do not see why this Hass to be harder than it is I need help so now I want 250 off my bill or I will go to the paper

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