PayPal Claim for Compensation

PayPal Claim for Compensation

What PayPal did:
I disputed ATM cash withdrawals in the amount of 486.00 which I didn’t do and didn’t authorize. I have proof of where I was as well as my physical debit card which was on me 25 miles from the ATM that was used to hack my account.

I submitted a screenshot of Google timeline via Google maps which. Clearly shows I was in auburn, WA when The withdrawals took place in a two separate back to back transactions for an amount that way over my 300.00 daily cash withdrawal limit.

I can also provide offerup generated transcripts regarding the phone I purchased that night and an ATM transaction of 40.00 to pay for the product. Paypals’ investigation team completed their investigation today 05/19/21 with a final resolution that no error was found in the ATM transactions.

I have never used bank of America ATM’s to withdrawal cash. I have never done balance inquiries at an ATM which is an additional .50 because I use the free text self service option.

Google timeline also shows the duration of my trip to the Lowes store in Auburn, WA which clearly shows I was in Auburn, WA when the ATM withdrawal was done 25 miles from where I was.

I have one PayPal MasterCard and have not given anyone my card information. I don’t know how they we’re able to hack my account at an ATM for amounts that clearly should have been denied since PayPal s limit is set at 300.00 daily.

Now because of this fraudulent activity My cell phone service has been suspended for non payment and my storage payment is past due with an additional 20.00 late charge with no guarantee of account credit, security or compensation for the mental and emotional distress this has caused.

Submitted by: Anonymous PayPal customer in Tacoma | Read more PayPal complaints

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