PayPal Claim for Compensation

PayPal Claim for Compensation

What PayPal did:
I used to use pay pal often, and trusted pay pal till, covid-19. once covid-19 showed up pay pal shut off communication with there customers. i pay for an item with pay pal, never received the item. contacted pay pal and all i ever got was there useless automated robot. pay pal wouldn’t answer the phone. so i contacted my banking institution for help. i was refunded my money and shortly after pay pal wanted me to return my refund and i just got a letter in the mail that they have sent me to collections. i in the prosses of making offers on a home to purchase. i don’t use pay pal anymore because of the multiple problems with pay pal and e bay. my bank said they were being bombarded with complaints against pay pay and sense i had had a few issues in just a months time they were tell all bank of america customers not to use pay pal this was not a safe secure online paying platform.

Submitted by: Anonymous PayPal customer in Caldwell | Read more PayPal complaints

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