Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

What Suddenlink did:
First thing I have had suddenlink for 16 years, I have never so upset like this before. I have not had TV or phone for 3 months, I have called them and called them, my Motorola box started smoking is the same one I’ve had for 16 years, every time I call they tell me I have to bring it into the office I can’t bring it in to the office I work 6 days a week off on Sunday. Finally got appointment to send a technician out. No one showed up, so I called suddenlink again. and the lady said they canceled it because I did not pay my bill, I felt like I shouldn’t have to pay because I haven’t had TV or phone, but I went ahead and played it because they would not send a technician out until I paid it. They canceled it anyway. After 16 years with one company should account for something.

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