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I purchased 4 wigs from this online company. The wigs did not match the description and were cheap and ugly. I immediately returned each wig to its original packaging and went online to start the refund and return process.
I was taken thru many steps to prove the wigs were in their original condition and hadn’t been tampered with. I was even asked to take pics of the wigs. I complied with all of their requests.
I was first offered a 10% refund. Which I refused. The site offers a full refund and there was no reason given why I wouldn’t receive one. I disputed their 20% and 30% refund.
When asked why I wasn’t receiving the full refund as advertised, I was told that it was because the shipping would cost too much to send back.
Often I would be ignored if I didn’t accept their solution. Their return policy is 14 days and I feel they are doing everything in their power to drag that time out.
I feel that since I complied in every way, I should be given a full refund and sent a return address label where the merchandise can be shipped.
My refund amount I am seeking is $56.95. However, if I file a law suit with this company, I will be asking for the maximum amount I can receive for the unreasonable way I was treated, for the false advertisement, and for the fact that I had to find alternative hairstyle solutions after depending on this order to give me four options.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like a full refund and for them to send me a prepaid address label to return the merchandise. I should not have to come out of pocket for their poor quality merchandise in any way.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in New York | Read more complaints

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