Bank of America Locked My Account

Bank of America Locked My Account

What Bank of America did:
I made an online purchase. BoA suspended it. I signed into BoA online banking system. And my credit card section forced me to complete their tutorials and submit a form to approve my payment. But after I submitted that it told me my card was canceled and I must wait for the replacement to be delivered! What an absurd system! But here are something more absurd: I went to the address info section and found my country info was changed for no reason! I’m now living in China and my street name and city name are all correct. Even fools know that the city named Beijing is in China. How could the system change the country info of my credit card address into Comoros! That’s insane! Moreover, I can’t correct the address because editing my address requires me to provide the security code on my credit card, and my credit card was just replaced by the idiot system!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Don’t cancel my VISA credit card. Allow customers to submit address info in Chinese! Or when the envelope arrives in China the mailman in China may not understand the PINYIN address! And apologize to me in public.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Rhode Island | Read more Bank of America complaints

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