Wells Fargo Bad Customer Support

Wells Fargo Bad Customer Support

What Wells Fargo did:
A check was deposited into my checking (that I share w/my bf) thru the atm (because that’s how I do my banking or by mobile app deposit). It was released the next day (2 days b4 Xmas). We went to the bank to get cashiers checks to pay off some large bills and get cash. It should be noted that prior to the deposit of said ck, there were exactly enough monies to cover all incoming debits (as I had scheduled payments on bills). The first branch we went to gave us the cashiers cks but said they did not have any large bills for the withdrawal. So we went to one that we called and they expressed they had bills avail. About an hour later, we are in Publix trying to pay for our groceries for Xmas dinner and our card is declined…they tried his card 3x, my card, our credit card twice…none worked. We have to leave our groceries behind (we had to cancel Christmas). We had just made a sizable payment on the credit card & all the rest of our monies were in our checking…both now frozen. I call Wells. They say…the check deposited wasn’t good. So we call the place that provided us the check…flip out on them for giving us a bad check. They claim it is not bad, but in fact a valid check from a valid acct. We call Wells the next day furious that we had to call this place about their ck & told wells the ck is good & we don’t understand why they’ve done this. We finally get a person who says the check is on hold while they further investigate. Day b4 Xmas & no $, no clue why. I send several secure messages inquiring how & why. They pretty much reply stating sorry, resolution is pending for January 11, that they feel the check was not endorsed properly and that per our banking agreement checks can be held xyz days before funds are released and we should know that. Days pass & we are told that the check was deposited into the wrong acct. it was made out to the trust and should have been deposited there & endorsed by Ruth (deceased 10/27/20). We had just closed the trust acct and had planned to open one in our trust name. Our atty even told us to deposit the check as we normally would regardless because all of the accts were linked. We had no idea of the crap Wells was gonna pull. If memory serves, resolution came Jan 7th in the form of a bright yellow half sheet of paper which was a copy of the check with a letter stating that they will not be accepting the check, a replacement is needed or funds need to be deposited to cover $34,000 as our ckg is now overdrawn $34k!!! They picked and chose which payments I had scheduled and made to cover or not cover while the acct was frozen. Fees were incurred. Calls were placed. Mail was sent and I even had the pleasure of dealing w/some executive named Alonda ***** who tried to get me on recording saying Wells was not at fault & would not be compensating me for our holidays being screwed & having no money for about 6 weeks because nobody changes direct deposit immediately and we are paid quarterly. It was a nightmare! We then began getting several emails a day telling us to pay, calls telling us to pay, letters telling us to pay. We had no way to pay so they closed our acct. When we closed our other accts, we could still see them for 90 days after. Our ckg disappeared from access immediately. No 90 days. During all this time, I corresponded with this Alonda chic & told her that I believed that they were incorrect in pursuing me for this as I did not sign the check. I had the misfortune of being a signer on the acct & that if they didn’t stop harassing me that I was going to sue them. I am a disabled vet & suffer from PTSD/MST & have horrible anxiety among other health ailments. They then began corresponding directly with my boyfriend, dropped my name from correspondence. He’s 68 & can’t deal w/stress much less comprehend the situation. I called wells (just b4 they closed our acct) and asked a bunch of questions…like what does Wells do if they are not paid?…will Wells ever take him to court? I was told that if the monies were not paid that the acct would be closed and turned over to collections. I said, so bad credit then? He said yes. So I said well he’s 68 & he doesn’t have any credit history and I guess he won’t be getting anymore ever then. I then said, oh and just so you know you are on a monitored and recorded line just so I have a record. He then said, I’m being recorded? Very angrily…
I said yes and he then said I have to end this call. It’s not showing up on either of our credit reports & he is not being hounded by a collection agency or dept. It was like nothing had happened. It just got quiet.
Out of the blue in March, I receive a letter from wells mortgage dept. I am currently having to go thru probate as his mother was on the house with me. Wells purchased my loan last year shortly after closing. I couldn’t figure out why I had received correspondence from them because at the time I was paid thru May. It was a letter stating that they were reviewing their mortgage files and found my ins coverage on the house not to be adequate enough for them. They said I needed to get coverage that covered the amount of the mortgage and if I didn’t they would for me. I assume not cheaply but I had already paid the premium for the upcoming year. I called to see what the increase would be & it was substantial so I became more enraged and started blowing them up with secure messages and phone calls. I have been provided resolution to every message or call in the form of copies of my mortgage documents w/a letter speaking about RESPA & dox I signed at closing.
So the ins I had paid for the year was cancelled because I had found other ins that I believed to be cheaper. Given that, I moved everything there. Then I found out just before hurricane season kicked off that my new policy (that I paid for myself and provided stupid Wells with proof of pmt) did not have wind & water coverage, hurricane coverage or any real nat disaster coverage. A secondary policy was needed for that. Obtaining that 2nd policy now made it more expensive than the ins I originally had. So I searched for ins again. Found that it is not easy to find decent coverage period for my home much less cheap. I needed to be covered for a hurricane tho. So I went bk to my old ins and increased the dwelling coverage amt to $475k and now I owe $4600 again. Wells went & paid for the new ins when I initially changed and paid for it myself. They sent pmt to the wrong place…total wrong company!!! It was returned and then Wells paid it to the correct company. All the while I’m screaming DONT pay it, it’s paid! So of course they had to adjust my mortgage pmt to accommodate my escrow acct. That started a whole other thing in motion..that being that I have paid the ins myself & intended to pay the taxes also to avoid my pmt being adjusted because I have to budget money and my auto pay was set for the amt it had been for over a year.
My point to wells is…I KNOW WHY THEY ARE DOING THIS. They know they messed up giving us $34k then not accepting the ck because the whole process & how they did was incorrect…machine glitch, atm poo…whatever. They can’t screw with my boyfriend over that whole mess so screw with me because they know he lives here and they know I’m going thru probate so I can’t refi to escape their harassment…they have me over a barrel and I have to suck their poo. I’m now still trying to get ins on my home and having to pay for inspections and certificates and deal with inspectors coming thru my home and being exposed to stuff I didn’t have to do when I bought the house all because of Wells Fargo!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Leave me alone and reimbursement for these inspections & what not due to their request to increase my dwelling coverage (which I am told was $50k over the rebuild price, so completely adequate…& I had the blueprints from the remodel which was to the studs & the remodel price was only $45k more than the dwelling coverage and we would pay it ourselves or rebuild to a size that was covered) & definitely compensation for the grief, embarrassment, harassment, loss of life, loss of sleep, not having any money to live on for multiple weeks & for completely tanking Christmas & New Years which were already poopy enough because of the pandemic but not getting to see family really hurt! How do you put a price on that?

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