DoorDash Bad Customer Support

DoorDash Bad Customer Support

What DoorDash did:
I have had serval issues with door dash , 1. illegally being labeled as independent contractors. 2) I was robbed while making a delivery for door dash in the wrong side of Houston. i Reported to door dash , gave my feed back and comments about what happened. There support staff said that they noted it down and no one from Door Dash has addressed this issue. Moving forward they kept sending me to the same area as where I was robbed. Sending me orders to the bad part of Houston. There are times where I would wait over an hours to receive and order , I have continue to have problems with door dash sending me on long deliveries with out proper compensation. Door Dash has not addressed the safety issues that I have brought up to them about making deliveries far out of my delivery zone , they have also ignored my request of addressing for compensation for the long waits , They continue to refer to me as a independent contractor instead a proper title. I have encountered many issues with the support staff telling me to do illegal things . Most recent issues is where they de activated me for Completion Rating , I have a 4.95 overall Rating with a 82% completion , 90% on time 71% completion my completion rating went down due to the outage they had on 6/18 and also because I un assigned orders on their app that had an address of a bad area of Houston. In the exact area where I was robbed before I was in fear of my life. I called door dash and had them note the account as to why I un assigned the orders . I have suffered emotional stress from this bad experience with door dash and feel they should be held to compensation. They do not pay me mileage or compensate me for deliveries more than 5 miles or up to 25 mins away while always out of my delivery area. I have tried to negotiate with Door Dash there was no response or positive resolution from this. Instead I was told I would remain deactivated even when I have called explaining the situation. I have encountered support staff rude and un trained to handle my case. I have asked for a positive resolution. I have suffered emotional stress , loss wages , not being compensated from the system outage which cause me to loose orders and not continue my day. I am now filing a claim against door dash . before I file a ligation lawsuit .
this is my final deposition for this case.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like to seek compensation for lost time , for the emotional stress and damages that this caused. Also be re activated on their platform thus being protected against any type of punishment from filing the complaint

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