DoorDash Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

DoorDash Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

What DoorDash did:
I ordered food from IHOP via online, my food was late, I was charged for an oreo shake that I never received and my food was contaminated by pork food items which I paid extra for Turkey because of allergies to pork. Driver was rude and called me to harass me with another employee, to tell at me, argue about my order, talk over me, call me out my name referring to me as hey lady, and very rudely putting me on hold to proceed to yell, argue, and tell me what I paid for, mind you, this is all while I’m at work. I’m now uncomfortable, I’ve repeatedly requested a refund to my card as I do not want nor need the incorrect credit amount, I’m in fear of ever using doordash services again, I’ve been made uncomfortable and the fact that the driver and doordash called me back not to resolve my issue but to personally argue, tell, call me out my name, tell me I’m argumentative because I got charged for missing items, contaminated food, and messy, food being spilled all over my food after I reported this and gave a 1 star, (retalliation) is utterly disgusting, rude, unprofessional, ignorant, and uncomfortable. Doordash and their disrespectful policy of not compensating customers is fraudulent, robbery/theft, and shady business practices! I will notify my bank and other governing agencies.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Refund in full, compensation for harrassment via phone, arguing, yelling, and gang up on me with another doordash employee who was just as ignorant, unprofessional, rude, annoying, and harassing.

How would you rate your experience with DoorDash?
⭐️ (1/5 stars)

Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more DoorDash complaints

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