DirecTV Claim for Compensation

DirecTV Claim for Compensation

What DirecTV did:
Hello! I paid my bill earlier (3+ hours ago) but service is not restored .
Additionally, I called the number on the TV screen. Followed the instructions to pay ($511) and found out later that is to my CELLULAR bill. So I have advanced payment on my cellular (so I believe) followed up by paying my DIRECTTV bill). Still no service. I have confirmations codes screen shots for everything.
Why does direct tv provide a phone number to pay my cellular bill? I am going to try and stop payment tomorrow morning.

As with all of us, my time is equated to money. I signed in to a contract with DirectTV. If I pay late I am charged a “late payment” fee. However if my service is not restored when it should be I should be provided a “late restoration fee”. I am in my 50s and can say without a doubt i have yet to come across any business or service whose billing system and company as a whole is as shady as Direct TV

Submitted by: Anonymous DirecTV customer in Fort Worth | Read more DirecTV complaints

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