Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did:
I was charged for their cloud service that I never opted for. When I initially saw this, I tried to opt out since that shows as an add-on and it would not allow me to and would instead ask if I’d like to enroll. I assumed the charge was a requirement like all the other small fees that are required since the breakdown of the bill is confusing. I looked at my account later (the following year) and tried again and it still did not work, only asked if I’d like to enroll any of the numbers on the account into the cloud service. This time I had some available time on my hands and contacted a rep via chat. They removed the charge after a lengthy period of “investigating” and said it was removed. I asked to be credited for the charges that were wrongly being attached to my account and they said it was not a mistake and I opted for this service. I didn’t even know this service was a thing. We use google cloud and iCloud. I later found that Verizon provided this service for free the. Switched to charging people $5/month then upped it to $5.99. They did not notify us or ask if we wanted this additional charge. I asked the rep for some sort of documentation and he said I just have to trust that Verizon doesn’t ever make mistakes and that I opted for it (very rude and wrong). Verizon doesn’t keep documentation of this according to the rep. I asked if he could provide some proof of use of the cloud by one of the members on the phone plan and he said he does not have that info either. Only users can access it. However Verizon’s website (aside from our bill) didn’t even register that we were “enrolled” in this service. He refused to credit me for the charges through 2018 and said it’s not something they can do.

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