Cash App Collections Issues

Cash App Collections Issues

What Cash App did:
While I was incarcerated my stimulus money was deposited into my account, during the time of my incarceration i was waiting to get out to be able to have access to my money. No one had any access to my card or anything pertaining to cash app login or anything. But yet it says my money was spent somewhere I have NEVER been and wouldn’t have been able to from inside of jail. During this process of going through cash app to get my money back I haven’t received any response or any progress within this amount of time . I’m able to show I was incarcerated and etc if necessary. I was incarcerated on 3/8/2021 and my stimulus payment was sent on 3/12/2021 and my stimulus payment was us at target in Medford,Ma and Stoneham, Ma

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I would love them to refund my stimulus payment back

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Florida | Read more Cash App complaints

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