Cash App Lied About the Price

Cash App Lied About the Price

What Cash App did:
On 7/28 My cashapp account was hacked by a scammer my cousin deposited 1500 in my account yesterday morning from our taxes and when I found out I tried to log in and it would not let me when I finally gained access there was only 1,362. In there and I seen there was another person’s number and email and I immediately contacted customer service to tell them someone hacked my account and they assured me that I would be refunded the money and they froze the account and they were going to place the funds into my new account then this morning 7/29 I had a text saying they opened my account back and when I looked at balance it was zero so I logged into my new one and zero there also. I called and they acted clueless and told me a specialty team is working on my case and they can’t tell me anything. I’ve emailed them multiple times I made it clear that the person kept kicking me out of my account and I was in fear they would drain all my money they told me not to worry. I prayed and prayed for my money to come in because I had no idea how I was gonna be able to get my child’s school clothes and supplies and also both my kids birthdays are about to be here and when Stacy my cousin called to tell me my money finally came in I was so happy I cried then to have someone just take it from me I am devastated, pissed and in disbelief. Cashapp has done nothing to help me I just can’t understand how they are treating me they tell me something different Everytime they keep telling me to look for an email. I don’t know what to do I can’t stop crying I really need my money..I can’t work right now I’m legally blind I’m completely blind in my left eye and it’s putting constant strain on my right eye and my vision is getting worse I’m filing for disability.

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I want my 1500 back that was in my account they were told it was hacked and seen the bogus numbers and emails on my account

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Alabama | Read more Cash App complaints

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