Cash App Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

Cash App Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

What Cash App did:
Someone went in my account and took $104 out and I called them to ask him about it I never knew that he was with Sutton bank. And I never had a certain bank account certain say that the only issue I will cost to cash out that’s it so when I emailed them because they’re not answering the phone he never answers it. They keep telling me the same thing .Yes because you keep can you put an every transaction that you don’t know about I did it all I’ll ask him again did asked me to send him the same thing I ask him again asked me to send the same thing I told him that I’m not gonna keep sending it to them I don’t want to talk to a email I want to talk to a person like somebody took my car they did hotels and everything like and they refused to give me my money and I’m sick of this I’ve been wrong with this like this again for fatigue been past 45 days.Like and I need my money is this is unacceptable like how do you not know what car did you catch people money out to people that hotels and everything like five and six and seven of any refusing to give my money back because I called the merchant and they’re saying that I had to call my car issue I did it and they keep asking me the robot keep axing me the same thing every day

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund because before that someone Hack my account And I sent him all of those transactions and they still refuse to give me my money like somebody hacked my home account they got the bar like 400 500 600 150 they’re like dolls and they don’t make no sense and they said the people I called but they refuse to give me one when I called on the phone But they gave them one in the age me for all type of information I didn’t ask him for anything

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Louisiana | Read more Cash App complaints

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