Airbnb Bad Customer Support

Airbnb Bad Customer Support

What Airbnb did:
1. we were not granted access to the apartment as promised on our arrival and airbnb had to give us a hotel stay 2. when we finally were granted access the place was in disrepair. The windows were duct taped over and water was leaking down the walls onto the floor 3. the bathtub and shower were constantly leaking noisily onto the bathroom floor 4. we were not given a key and constantly locked out of the apartment 5. none of the dishes or the house was properly cleaned–we had to clean the entire place ourselves 6. the host was not communicative at all and did not help us gain access when we were locked out or help resolve the leaking water. Furthermore, airbnb messaged and said that this dispute was resolved in my favor just two days before informing Chase that they were fighting the dispute–the left arm is saying one thing and the right another, a deceptive and illegal tactic.

This amounts to a constructive eviction and we did not receive the housing we paid for. Some images attached, we were not able to document everything.

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