Brinks Home Security Bad Customer Support

Brinks Home Security Bad Customer Support

What Brinks Home Security did:
July I was transferred over to a rep because I was cancelling my service. I had been offered a deal of 14.99 monthly by smith *****. The rep asked me if they would give me the same monthly rate would I be willing to keep brinks for service. I agreed. They said they would adjust the billing going forward. It was 56.25 and it would be changed to 14.99 per month. The rep also took in my new card info and told me that it has been updated. Now in Aug brinks is calling me and telling me there is a balance on my acct because they could not charge my card. When asked why they gave me an old card info which should have been updated. Then when asked for the amount none of what I was promised is being charged. Upon inquiry Maria admitted she is seeing in the system that I spoke to someone who confirmed gave me a deal of 14.99 per month and updated my card info. She apologized for the confusion and said she will transfer me to someone who can adjust it since she does not have authority. Then she hangs up on me. I call brinks again, explain everything to Eduardo, he said he will transfer to supervisor then hangs up on me. Then I call again and this time Ashri says I am sorry I don’t have a supervisor to connect you with so I will connect you to customer service. Then hangs up again.

Basically i am getting the run around. No one in brinks is helping resolve this issue and are badgering me with late payment that is incorrect.

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Fix the issue. Apologize and moving forward confirm in writing as they cannot be trusted.

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