Huntington national bank Lied About the Price

Huntington national bank Lied About the Price

What Huntington national bank did:
Bank offers a $50 limit where they won’t charge you any late fees, I’ve been in the area and been charged with NSF fees 4 times now, and when I call to get it resolved I get told it’s at the bank discretion if they want to pay it or not. So they returned the payment to my credit card company and on top of that my credit card company charges me a return fee as well as my credit went way down. So then Huntington makes another attempt WITHOUT my consent to make this payment since it didn’t do through without me knowing and one again get charged MORE NSF FEES. I’ve paid over $300 in nsf fees when I’ve had this account for a month! They will not return the fees and they keep making these charges without my consent

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I want my nsf fees returned and my credit card payments paid for

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