Central collections corp Hurt My Credit

Central collections corp Hurt My Credit

What Central collections corp did:
I’ve been dealing with the individual by the name of Steve that called me one day about a ambulance bill that my parent had that was about to go into collections and I then indicated to him that yes I was getting ready to pay $50 a month on it and that’s what I agreed to pay with their company $50 a month so that I can get it paid off he asked me whether or not if I wanted to report it to the credit report or not I told him no I did not that’s the purpose of me wanting to go ahead and pay it after a couple of months of paying it I noticed that I started receiving emails from my parents credit reporting monitoring Indicating that there were changes and I noticed that they had placed it on there I then attempted to reach Steve there was some woman that was answered the phone that asked me whether not I want to leave a message or not I left a detailed message indicated to her that I would like to know if he would go ahead and contact me because they’re reporting it and he told me that I had the option whether or not because he asked me if I wanted it reported I told him no and she told me well we’re attempting to collect a debt so of course we’re going to report us a while they hadn’t been being reported now the Sudden being reported out and I making the payment she got really nasty with me hung up on me then when I called back I got a voicemail so I called another number got a voicemail I left a voicemail and never received a call back until Steve will be able to get ready to receive the payment from me again I indicated to him that I spoke with the individual she was really nasty to me she sent me an email also and response I contacted her and she hung up on me when I asked her about you know why were you are reporting it and also that’s what I was leaving in the message and he indicated to me that he never said anything about not reporting it I said well I thought you didn’t say anything about it I definitely wouldn’t be bringing Since you wanna act dumbfounded about it I’m gonna go ahead and make a complaint about this and I hung up the phone and here it is now I’m at the point of no return I need to be able to make a complaint get it resolved and make sure that these people stop bringing my parents credit score down because they have brought it down substantially and I noticed that they only report like 30 days later than what they’re supposed to And that’s what the issue is and they know better than to do that and obviously they’re doing it intentionally and I need for this tissue to disappear they have been lying to me obviously about the price because the price is bringing my parents credit score down and hurting his credit and I would like this whole issue to just vanish it’s a very horrible experience!

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like them to repair my credit score for my parent as far as all the score that they have blown reporting the payments late and also overall reporting when they weren’t reporting before until they started making the payment as I mentioned that Steve asked me whether or not if I wanted it reported an hour and they went ahead and did it anyway and that’s what the main issues are I need resolved!

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