Charter Spectrum Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

Charter Spectrum Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

What Charter Spectrum did:
In January of 2021 I accepted an offer from Spectrum for an Internet/tv bundle for 44.95. I called and cancelled the same day as I could not receive it on my tv. Although I was told the service was cancelled it wasn’t. I didn’t notice as I had been paying $70+ for the higher speed internet and as the following bills had not changed assumed I was still paying for that. I call a couple of days ago 8/2? to have my internet downgraded only to find I was still being billed for tv and also for voice, which I did not want but had been told came with the internet service not as a separate charge. After one customer service agent telling me that she I didn’t read the small print, on the card that said it the tv/internet bundle was not really a bundle but was added onto the bottom internet service I was transferred to another agent who was supposed to be able to give me credit for the tv I did not want. He couldn’t and said there was probably no way I would be able to get credit but said if he cancelled the tv there was no way I could get credit, even though he didn’t think there was any way to get it anyway. Spectrum has been ripping me of for 7 months along with hounding me to take their mobile phone service. People need to know that they can’t rely on Spectrum to supply the services that they say they are and to frequently check on any changes to their account. I didn’t because my bill hadn’t changed, just what I was paying for. Instead of the better internet service I thought I was paying for, I was paying for the lowest internet service, plus tv that I couldn’t use. Not to mention being forced to take their voice service which I don’t use but continually get robo calls on.

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