Credit Acceptance Corp Bad Customer Support

Credit Acceptance Corp Bad Customer Support

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They repoed my car while I was in the hospital with all of my personal information inside the car and told me when I get out of the hospital I would need to come to them so they can charge me to get my personal belongings such as my birth certificate and other personal belongings such as my unemployment information this was weeks before the pandemic started I paid them about 10,000 already 495 a month for a 2013 ford Taurus and they said they wanted 27,000 in total they never did any type of work on the vehicle but always diabeled the vehicle when they thought my payment was late because my credit union is didn’t trust them always had a late fee because of that long as I had my job I didn’t have a problem with the late fee but now I feel cheated because I have been without a vehicle that I put my own maintenance in.SMH

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