InTown Suites Hurt My Credit

InTown Suites Hurt My Credit

What InTown Suites did:
I received a data breach letter stating my personal information(social security, driver’s license, bank account, etc) had been stolen from a cyber security incident. InTown had admitted being at fault and I have witness their employees taking pictures of customers personal information, meaning their committed protection plan doesn’t work. This data breach is a “imminent risk of future theft”, allowing criminals to use or sell my personal information, through no fault of mine, and a “Negligence” caused by InTown Suites, resulting an “Invasion of My Privacy”. I am requesting $10,000. for memberships cost for future protection and having to find ways to clear dept being added to credit from their mistakes.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Pay $10,000. for future credit protection memberships and accounts being open that is due to their negligence.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Texas | Read more InTown Suites complaints

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