Wells Fargo Collections Issues

Wells Fargo Collections Issues

What Wells Fargo did:
My wife and I served in the Army. In 2004 we bought our first home with a VA loan and moved back home to Texas from Germany. While on a deployment we contacted Wells Fargo who was our new mortgage bank. We sign paper to move a year of payments to the end of our loan because of the deployment. I took that opportunity during the deployment to double pay my payments. Later I found out that they weren’t taking my payments. They were sending them back. My wife contacted me and said they were sending letters threatening foreclosure, but when she called they said not to worry about it it was an error because we are in the servicemembers civil relief act (SCRA). We finally found out Wells Fargo sold our loan to 3 banks before it end up back at Wells Fargo which they they said they didn’t have a VA department, they never heard of SCRA, and our payments would be taken until we setup a payment arrangement. Under the new payment arrangement if any payment was even a minute late it wouldn’t be accepted and we would go back into foreclosure status. Everytime we sent the payment it was counted as late even when my FSNB bank sent it directly with a signature verification. Each time we would have to start a new payment arrangement to stop the foreclosure. My wife was threatened over and over. Until I had to leave Iraq to come home before we lost our home. Unfortunately I arrived home 5 days before our home was sold at auction even when they had the new payment and docs. We made several attempts to pay the back delinquent payments all at once but they wouldn’t take it without the payment arrangement in place. Everything we did was just a time was to push us to foreclosure. We lost $70k in equity in our home. That was the start. Our credit and VA status was ruined by Wells Fargo and I’m a disabled veteran. We lost everything.

I would love to give Wells Fargo a negative star rating but it isn’t an option.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would love Wells Fargo out of business. We lost our home, our credit was destroyed, my family was destroyed and I lost a job with a six figure salary. I want to be reimbursed for my losses and Wells Fargo to never be able to hurt another servicemember, veteran, or their family.

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