Suntrust Bank Bad Customer Support

Suntrust Bank Bad Customer Support

What Suntrust Bank did:
Sun Trust bought my mortgage loan from Quicken approximately 7/1/21. As of the date on this email, I have not received a welcome package with an account number. I have received a couple emails from Sun Trust stating that I am late on my 8/1/21 loan payment. I have called Sun Trust several times but have been unable to get through to a representative. I have experienced wait times exceeding 2 hours. Each time I called them, the automated service disconnects my phone call. I feel as if they are forcing me into a foreclose so they can take my home and profit from the equity. How do I make a loan payment if I can’t get the new account number?

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like to get an account number so I can make my house payment and not lose my house to a foreclosure.

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