ubs Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

ubs Overcharged Me / Hidden Fees

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i was gifted a uniform transfer to minors account from my great late great uncle Donald g ***** and as iam the sole beneficiary of those funds. i have tried to talk to my”father” the custodian PeterWayne ***** and he just ignores me so did the
donor when i spoke to yo him through a recorded line that was facilitated through blackrock and he told me they were spent along time ago and as i can positive ly guarantee i never benefited at all im trying to do what i can to recover and salvage what i can i dont know the amount but it must have been significant im assuming based on overall facts surrounding this sad ongoing situation anything you can do to help me recover what is mine will be infinitely appreciated and put to good use i can assure you of that not to mention its desperately needed to get away from the same toxicity and to finally “get ” “going” “in life”…godbless you

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i really need the money i should have had when i needed it this has done and is continuing to keep me in a terrible stuck position in life and to this day ive not been able to get normal life necessities to survive im forced to rely on a stranger covert narcassist because he wasn’t giving me the benefit nor did he ever thats a a fact and i will gladly tell my story to anyone and will submit to a lie detector test even to bring justice to the situation its really not my fault why am i suffering fir u b s’s obnoxious lack of oversight and respect for the lives of those of us who get walked on by psychopathic parents until it comes to this its ridiculous

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