Red roof inn Bad Customer Support

Red roof inn Bad Customer Support

What Red roof inn did:
Me and my wife are relocotating to Massachusetts we rented a red roof inn in soton for 2 weeks I was unloeding and the man that was in the room next to mine is telling me he has lived there for 2 years and is clearly drunk I get our belongings and got inside me and my wife have a 3 month old child as well we get him in bed and got to have a cigarettes at this time he is vary drunk he asks for a litter no problem he walks off I got to ask for said light and he posed to verbally abuse me i walk back to my room he provides to follow and threaten my life. He get into a verbal argument as I tell him to step back from my wife and room finally we get in our room and this man decided to walk back and forth threatening my wife and I we called the desk several times and were lide to about the handling of the problem I had to call the police and the man eas arrested we were issoud a refound that night August 12 and reseved the money yesterday and then this morning at 12am they used the same booking code to make it look like we booked a room last night for 1190 dollers this place is a dangerous place

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like a refound in full and and my 2 week stay at another establishment

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