Cash App Complaint

Cash App Complaint

What Cash App did:
There were transactions on my cash app account that are not authorized or recognized the first one was for $215 and then immediately following one minute later it said a card number ******** has been unlink from my account whenever a LinkedIn card or linked any card so I don’t know what they mean by that and then a couple days later another $100 was taken out of my cash app leaving my balance is 0 at both times 4 total of $315 if contacted cash app and they just keep giving me the run-around telling me I’m not giving them complete the answers to the questions they need in order to file on my behalf never answered every question multiple times they’re just going to give me the run-around I feel for 90 days so they don’t have to do anything what recourse do I have this is in Fresno California

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I want money back and also something for the inconvecince

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Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Cash App complaints

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