Citibank Hurt My Credit

Citibank Hurt My Credit

What Citibank did:
I applied for Best Buy credit card and was denied but my FICO score is 833. I believe Citibank discriminates against elderly adult by requiring two step authorization. Many elderly people do not keep up or educated on technology and Citibank requires you have a cell phone with texting) so a code can be text to you. Despite providing their requested info (DOB, Driver License #, Social Security #, etc) I was still denied even with a FICO score of 833. This arbitrary stance by Citibank is a disservice and overt technique against the elderly and reflects a marked disregard for older adults and their abilities to adapt to new technology. I believe Citibank is denying credit card for the older population as a way to ‘protect’ their assets (elderly will die much sooner than younger clients). To protect my FICO score, I do not want this inquiry on my score to hurt my credit. I take pride in my score and pay my bills promptly and usually before due date. I should have been advised beforehand that Citibank would require a cell phone with texting to verify your identity. With all my credit factors being superior, I do not understand the humiliation and embarrassment that Citibank willfully caused me in their denial of my application for credit.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I want an apology for the embarrassment and humiliation that Citibank inflicted on me and their not informing me of the need for a cell phone with texting. I spent an inordinate amount of time online filling out their application and answering secret questions, only to be denied the Best Buy credit card.0

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