Straight Talk Lied About the Price

Straight Talk Lied About the Price

What Straight Talk did:
I got a new line added to my account and was suppose to get 7,000 points. When the line got activated my points were then pending for 2 months and disappeared after the 60 days. After calling straight talk and asking about the issue they told me that the reason the points disappeared was because the line that was added phone number been with straight talk back in 2018 it’s now 2021. The phone number that is associated with this line is a number that was assigned to the phone. The representative at straight talk to me that if there is a phone number that was once on straight talks service that you are not going to get the points. Mind you again this was a brand new number to me that was assigned by straight talk that I didn’t previously have.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like the points that were suppose to be given to me rightfully.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Maine | Read more Straight Talk complaints

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