Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

What Charter Spectrum did:
One rep. Told me that I was able to recieve a promotional deal, I had to call back 24 hrs later because I just posted a payment. When I called, I was informed that they can not give me the promo because it was a “new customer” promo. The original rep never once mentioned – she even went about a the process and said that it all checks out and should be good once I wait the 24 hr. When I found out the promo was bogus, I settled for another promo they offered, no more then 10 minutes later my service was interrupted and I had quality issues and guide issues with my service (intentional?). I was told the rep missed a “guide code” but was also told that the code comes hand in hand with the type of equipment I had, so it should be KNOWN that with my box this code needs to be applied. After 4hrs on the phone I was told it was human error and even the promise of a promo to reduce my bill was to intact “unfortunate miscommunication”.

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I want my bill to be the price the representative told me it should be. I

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