American Express Claim for Compensation

American Express Claim for Compensation

What American Express did:
Summary: I booked a flight through Amex travel, they refuse to refund my money on a refundable fare

Chronology of events
1. I booked a refundable fare for a flight through Amex travel
2. I called amex and changed the ticket to a new date. Nobody at this point told me that my fare rules were changing.
3. When I received the new ticket, it said that it follows the fare rules of the previous one
4. Then I wanted to cancel the ticket entirely since the travel didn’t seem possible with COVID, so I called Amex. The agent I spoke to said he’d give me a refund and it would show on my card in 6 weeks.
5. Later I got an email saying I have received airline credit – not refund
6. I called back to ask what happened, I was first told my ticket is non-refundable.
7. When I pointed out that it indeed was I was told that I can’t get a refund since I’m cancelling my ticket after the fly date of the ORIGINAL ticket.

This policy is neither listed on Delta’s or AMEX’s comms to me – neither is this on their website. When I asked Amex for a policy of this copy, I was told its internal only.

I followed up with Amex on twitter and said I should talk to a supervisor to resolve this, but I’ve called and have been placed on long holds over 40 minutes with no response.

Basically my money is stuck in airline credit ~3500USD that I don’t see using because I don’t plan on traveling with COVID.

Submitted by: Anonymous American Express customer in San Francisco | Read more American Express complaints

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