Airbnb Collections Issues

Airbnb Collections Issues

What Airbnb did:
I booked a Airbnb in New York for my brother who is new to Unites states and will be studying at Parsons school of design.

Our experience has been nothing but a nightmare.

1. Our initial booking with Airbnb was cancelled after 2 hours automatically and my account was deactivated shortly. To initiate a conversation with the support I created an account with the same id. The support accused us of cancelling the booking and refused to work together to figure out what really happened. They were not ready to undo the cancellation and still charged a $292 cancellation fee. We tried making a point that if we cancelled it why would we wait on the support line for 45min to complain and rebook. We were asked to directly coordinate with the host to get our money back. Since we were in urgent need of accommodation, we rebooked the Airbnb again.

2. After 1 day of staying, the host changed the door code and the guest was stranded on the streets at 10PM without his belongings which were all locked inside the room.

When we called Airbnb support they said they can only call the host and offered 1 day refund if needed. Guest safety was least of their concerns. They did not offer any alternate accommodation or any help to my brother.

In short airbnb cares more about making their fees that the guest safety.
My brother who is new to the country was left on the streets at 10PM, In New York without his belongings.

Airbnb was risking a guests life for their fees.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

An apology and acknowledgment of their mistake, Refund for the excess fee for this nightmare

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