Airbnb Won’t Let Me Cancel

Airbnb Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Airbnb did:
I made a reservation on Airbnb for 19 days for a place in {{ address hidden }}. When I made that reservation, I was prompted the cancellation policy as ‘refundable in full amount if I cancel by August 30’. Later, I extended my trip by a few more days, making the trip a long term stay because it’s over 28 days and it falls under a different cancellation policy in which my money isn’t refundable for the first 30 days. But this change was not prompted to me like it did before. I cannot be expected to read every documentation page available on the website unless it’s relevant to my reservation. I read the reviews about this house because that’s the only relevant information. But I came across another listing by the same host, for a different room in the same house as a brothel (a prostitution house), as a single woman who is flying to west coast for the first time, I find this review very unsettling. I cannot be expected to live in a potentially unsafe environment or leave over $1.5k on the table. I have reached out to Airbnb and the host several times and the delay in action is only hurting both the host in being able to find a guest and me, in being able to find a temporary housing for the same timeline.

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