Ghostwriting founder Collections Issues

Ghostwriting founder Collections Issues

What Ghostwriting founder did:
This company stole my money without producing the editing services I paid for. I made numerous attempts to severe ties in which I was continuously being encouraged to give them more time to correct my issues. After deciding noT to continue work from this company I filed a dispute for my refund In which this company falsified agreements and counter claimed to retrieve money for services which were noT rendered. Costing me lost of sales stress and setbacks. This company blocked me from communication as I have them on voice record ADMITTING TO NOT Editing my manuscript because I filed dispute on them and also I was bullied lied on and discriminatory language and disrespectful dialogue was used as the representatives accused me of being on drugs If I think They are going to help me. This company did not provide the services I paid for and are fraudulently stealing money from people like myself using bullying tactics and lies. My phone records will show this company calling me 21 times in a single day to get me to hire them. Once I did I barely could get anyone on the phone. This company has falsified other works to prey on the innocent people like myself by using fake reviews and clients even falsely claiming to have edited the best-selling book turn movie 50 shades of gray. I can proove the bullying fraudulent tactics. I can proove they stole my money without rendering service. I can proove I have made numerous attempts to fire them I can proove they stole my money before the date they gave me to expect completion of services.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund. An apology. A refund

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