Cash App Bad Customer Support

Cash App Bad Customer Support

What Cash App did:
On 8/28/2021 I was sending my wife Kristin $500 for our rent payment. I can include photos which would explain this situation further, however, I’m summary, cashapp “suggested” a random person whom I’ve never sent money to in the past or had ANY interactions with. This random person had the same name (with the same spelling) as my wife. Normally, my wife is the top contact, this time however, cashapp “suggested” a completely different person above my wife’s name, who had the same name. I sent this random person $500, they declined to return it, and kept my money. Cashapp states they “cannot refund or cancel payments”. Had I caused the mistake I wouldn’t be so upset, however, cashapp caused this by suggesting a random person with the same name as my wife.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Refund or cancel my $500 payment to the “suggested” recipient.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Ohio | Read more Cash App complaints

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