Airbnb Won’t Let Me Cancel

Airbnb Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Airbnb did:
so i was trying to get a air bnb cause the air bnb im at now i have to leave tomorrow. i just moved here i’m not familiar with texas at all so when i was looking on the map before i got the air bnb to the new location it said it was close to where i am staying at now. that was all the info i had on the location of the air bnb so i assumed it was close so i went ahead and got it. when i got it i looked up the address of the location to find out it was 45 mins away from where i’m staying now. i have no car and have a lot of stuff to bring with me. i’ve contacted the lady whose air bnb it is last night and today no response back, i’ve also called air bnb support multiple times today and they said there’s nothing they can do cause they have to talk to her but it seems like they’re not helping me out in any type of way. i have even stepped foot in this house & im losing almost $800 that’s very petty and so much money just to go to waste. i’d be great if i can get some type of help in any way..

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a refund

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