Cash App Bad Customer Support

Cash App Bad Customer Support

What Cash App did:
I got my PPP loan in June I actually have the whole conversation and everything which cash app to prove that I’m right and that I did my due diligence I called in and had them reset my account and someone one of my account is still $12000. No that was part of my PPP loan so I have to show what I used it for but it was stolen okay little over 12,000 I have asked for it back I showed why they refused now I had to move because some of that money was going to help me get my car and move because I was supposed to so now I’m homeless because of cash app not giving me my money back to pay my rent so I would like double what is owed to me rightfully because you didn’t see all the conversations that I’ve had with them I did nothing wrong they did and the supervisor said they dropped the ball but you have to get the tapes to hear it yeah so please help me I’ve been fighting this since June they refuse to give me my money or even talk to me they even sent me a thing saying that I had to do my due diligence and let them know first ahead of time which I did do that at 6:00 in the morning which I can prove I did that how do they steal the money 12:00 at night the next day doesn’t make sense so please someone please help me

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I want my money back because I can prove I did my due diligence I also want an apology letter because they were wrong telling me that I’m lying and I didn’t do my due diligence when I did I called at 6:00 in the morning when I first seen it they were supposed to reset my account they didn’t do it the correct way someone got into a 9 hours later hey I didn’t let them

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