Spectrum Hurt My Credit

Spectrum Hurt My Credit

What Spectrum did:
Spectrum passed a claim to MRS Associates for unreturned equipment (from an old address) in the amount of $59 from June of 2020. In the interim, a new address and account was start with Spectrum and still exists and is maintained with a $0 balance.

The equipment (from a move) was returned (a year ago) and Spectrum NEVER reached out regarding any missing equipment or a balance on the account. To this date, all bills have been paid and no communication of the contrary has taken place.

The only reason I became aware of the claim is when my fiance and I were refinancing our mortgage and BofA saw the steep drop in my credit score (from an 800+ to 600).

After contacting Spectrum, they have opened two internal requests: (1) equipment research (to hopefully locate the equipment) and (2) a dispute with the collections company. These will take 5 to 10 business days.

After connecting with MRS & Associates (#********), they will not issue a ‘pay for deletion.’ After asking them about contacting me, they insisted they sent emails (which I never received or when directly to spam). Now the account is 100+ days delinquent due to me not having any knowledge of the claim from either party (Spectrum or MRS).

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Would like the claim removed from my credit report and my credit score restored.

I am willing to pay the fee if I have to BUT the equipment was returned. Unfortunately, being this was over a year ago, I do not have a physical receipt to prove it.

Even when I log-in to my old account, it reflects a $0 balance.

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