Airbnb Bad Customer Support

Airbnb Bad Customer Support

What Airbnb did:
***** had a guest book my listing from July 20th- July 22nd. On the 22nd the guest called and said that they and 2 others in their party tested positive for COVID. They said that they notified Airbnb and were waiting to be picked up to go to an isolation centre. ***** then contacted Airbnb and said

“My guests were meant to check out today but have not because they have COVID 19. They were advised to stay put until they can be collected to be transferred for assessment. What is the process for me as a host. Because obviously they are meant to check out today and hopefully they still do, but what happens if they do not?”

***** then received a message saying that we would need to continue the discussion in email, ***** was contacted by Kameron, Thu, 22 Jul 2021 21:12:08 GMT and they stated that ***** should contact my local authorities if ***** was in contact with the guest and needed to be tested myself and that if the authorities needed to do contact tracing that they can contact Airbnb via They then said that they would call me between 5:30 and 7:30 *****. When they called the first time ***** missed the call so ***** sent an email and the call was returned to me.

On the call ***** explained to Kameron, the guests were supposed to check out today (July 22) however they just told me they have COVID and they are waiting to be picked up and now (at the time of the call) they had told me that they were unsure how long they would be at my residence because they were advised that the isolation centre was full and transportation to the centre was limited. ***** said to Kam that while ***** understood that this was an unfortunate situation and that ***** was not mad at them because the guests were still there that ***** wanted to be compensated because ***** was now losing money since their reservation had passed. Kam then said “no need to worry Anna we will take care of this for you, this is unfortunate, yes but we will be working with you and the guests to get a resolution. They then said just let us know if or when your guests check out and if you receive any payment from them let us know as well. But you have nothing to worry about Airbnb will help you”

On the 23rd then Kam messaged

Hi Anna, this is Kameron with Airbnb’s Safety team.

Please let me know if you have spoke to your guest or if you two has reach to an agreement due to this situation.

Remember that you can reply to this email.

As soon as you have any news about the check out process from your guest please let us know.


***** then replied to Kam and said

Hi Kam

So ***** just spoke with Samantha and she provided me with the person she spoke to in the ministry. ***** called and told them ***** am the property owner and they advised that when someone can collect them they will but she could not give me a specific day or time or more information due to HIPAA REGULATIONS.

***** spoke with Samantha and asked about her possibly rebooking the villa so that she can compensate me for the days she is still there but she said they are unable to use there cards outside their home country. At this point ***** don’t know what to do.

***** understand their predicament but as a home owner ***** can’t help but feel cheated based on not being able to earn on my home. And possible losing future earnings. It is a complex situation and ***** don’t know what ***** can do.

All this time you guys ***** am assuming still had their card on file and Kam stated they were also in contact with my guests, so all of this is going on and at no point was ***** told that Airbnb will try to rebook my guests or that ***** should rebook the reservation either.

There was back and forth after that with me updating Kameron with the state of the reservation. And still at no point was ***** offered the advice of rebooking or did it seem like they offered it to the guests either. ***** reached out on the 8th Aug to say that the guests had officially checked out. ***** got no response from Kameron but ***** was contacted by Genny Leidys and she said that ***** would need to file a resolution claim. ***** did and on the 9th the guests declined. ***** messaged Genny again and she said ***** would need to involve Airbnb. ***** did and she then said someone will be in contact within 24-72hrs. So from the 9th until the 15th of August no one contacted me so ***** called you guys, ***** spoke to Atina, Christopher, Laura, Ann, Christa, Chriselle and each person told me, oo you’ve been sent to the wrong department, Im going to escalate you to the right department and get you the resolution you deserve or ***** was told ***** will be handling this personally and ***** will call you back within the hour/day. And no one has ever called back and then when ***** call back, ***** am passed off to another department for another failed promise.

***** have spent$4500 in cleaning fees, the light bill is $1500, the water bill is $800, the gas bill is $345, wifi is $600, the guests staying in my home for 17 nights, so excuse me if offering me $1000 to go away is insulting to me not to mention what my phone bill is going to look like after calling you guys repeatedly after no one ever calls me back or emails me with progress. If ***** was given the correct advice from the 22nd, which was “we will contact the guest to rebook as we have their card on file we’ll ask if we can run it” but no nothing run around after run around, with the assurance that Airbnb will help me get a resolution because you couldn’t relocate the guests to another Airbnb since they stated the had COVID.

This is not fair to me. ***** asked for help your rep did not give the correct advice from the 22nd. So you all need to take responsibility for Kameron’s initial mix up.

***** then got transferred to a rep named JC and after ***** called him incompetent he closed the case and said they would not be refunding me.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A refund

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