Cash App Bad Customer Support

Cash App Bad Customer Support

What Cash App did:
Hello yes i created a cashapp last year,After i seen on social media that everyone was joining an app called telegram so they can make extra money by joining gifting circles (At the time i didn’t know gifting circles/sou sous were illegal),So i jumped in head first and at the time i was collecting unemployment benefits so i was joining every “gifting board” that i could,But fast forward to months later my friend and i started to notice that the group owners and admins of the telegram groups were manipulating the boards and making sure that they not only paid themselves first but they were continuously paying their family and friends and they also were using multiple cashapp accounts,So i started to reach out to telegram and cashapp to let them know about the fraudulent behavior that was happening on their platforms,After a while telegram support just stopped responding to me like they didn’t care that their platform has become the new deep dark web,And I’ve tried reaching out to my bank but since i didn’t send the money directly from my bank instead i loaded it to my cashapp and sent the money that way then they wont request my funds from cashapp,It has been very frustrating and depressing trying to deal with cashapp because they didn’t even ask me any information at all about these scammers,I have tons of proof and all of the cash tags of the people who continuously create groups on telegram and lure people into these groups,Alot of people are going to keep participating in these sou sou boards because they promise to give you a return of 4 times the money that you give to others,And cashapp and telegram are going to keep letting people who use their platform fall victim to these illegal scams,I don’t expect to get all of the money back that i have lost,But i hope i can recoup some of my losses and i know for sure one of the group owners who ive sent over 2k too has the money to refund me because he’s running another group as we speak right now on telegram,And hes having people send money to 3 different cashapps that belong to him.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Pennsylvania | Read more Cash App complaints

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