Cash App Bad Customer Support

Cash App Bad Customer Support

What Cash App did:
$2,600.00 was stolen from my wife’s and I bank account in the form of many transactions. We contacted them as soon as we could and even filed a police report because we have no idea who hacked my account to send themselves all of that money while I was at work. Cash app told me it was my fault and that I should send a request for my money back from the thief. Cash app has not responded to the police with whom we filed a report. My father had just passed and that was the money he left for me and my family. We were staying in a 1 bedroom apartment with a 8yr old child. We were trying to move so we had no reason to steal our own money and overdraft our bank account for the maximum amount.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I would like all of my money returned.

How would you rate your experience with Cash App?
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Submitted by: Anonymous in Arkansas | Read more Cash App complaints

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