American Express Serve Locked My Account

American Express Serve Locked My Account

What American Express Serve did:
On July 31, 2021, I got an alert that five charges to my prepaid card was pending, so I called right then on the 31 of July 2021, and told the fraud department what was going on and there should be only four charges on the account, but those five charges was not mine and someone got the number and was using it but the charges was not mine, they said there froze my account which did not the five charges still came off, so I did everything there wanted me to file the fraud form waited 10 days and the so call investigation team denied my claim said there was no fraud there, so refiled again waited 10 more days and again, denied me so there again I refiled again for the third time, and waited 10 days now it is the 14 of September now, 6weeks, when they tell u at first it will be at least 10 days but could take up to 45 days, now again 3 times filing and they denied me again and extended my account with a little bit of money that I had left in there they said I was going to have to write a letter asking to reopen the account and if I could reopen another dispute now what kind of s*** is that it’s only 235 but still that’s my hard-earned money not counting the dollar and change that was in the account that I can’t get either when I call can’t never speak to a manager they want to put me on hold forever and hang up on me I need some help please if y’all can’t do nothing could you tell me what I could do because I can’t let them get away with my money it’s ridiculous they’re sorry they robbed me too basically it’s exactly what they did they robbed me, Thank You Robert *****

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Really well first, it cost me my driver license and my job, because the money that was in the account was for insurance and gas, and guess what was not able to pay insurance so the state of Texas my suspended my DL and I couldn’t pay for a ticket that I had as well so that’s an extra charge I would like my money back and maybe double for the aggravation the being lied to the poor service ignoring me mishandling my case. When I called from day one but at least my 235 back if not doubled or even tripled they’re sorry they suck

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