Airbnb Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

Airbnb Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

What Airbnb did:
Since selling my home about 4 months ago, I’ve been unable to find a new residence. Therefore I decided to utilize this company, plus sounded kinda exciting to travel around and allow others to provide the Hospitality. Given that I was dealing with another very difficult situation with my financial institution I was really hoping that this could be a smooth transaction. Sadly and unfortunately there’s too many to even list, But I’d like to briefly discuss three different situations/scenarios where my mental health, safety, and overall well being was very much jeopardized. I felt as if some of them were falsely advertised however I looked beyond a lot of things. These issues in my opinion go beyond that and that’s unacceptable. I’m also don’t believe I was refunded to the degree I should’ve and asked for. Nor was anyone helpful or even further available to assist me with some of these situations. End of July beginning of Aug I stayed at a place by Choice Hotels (the hosts essentially) the place was in Spokane WA. On riverside. It was a big brick, older bldg under Renovation. What started off as minor annoyances Internet was in and out therefore tv kind of worked kind of didn’t. Loud construction morning after the first night to the point where it sounded like they were drooling right behind my ears that’s how close it was. Even further the walls were so thin and somehow I believe there was some line invisibility from where the construction workers were supposedly doing work and where my room was because I could hear banter from a group of men
Saying all kinds of things referencing things about me laughing and making jokes mocking the situation, Needles to say I felt so uncomfortable. I contacted choice hotels because I had booked the room for two nights told them even just the construction I can’t sleep at all with how bad the noise was they minimized it basically made it seem like it was not a big deal and I’m asking them if they have another room I can possibly stay in. When you book stays through Airbnb you’re paying upfront. So it’s so bad that I leave noon that day and because my bank whom I have another complaint with failed to give me my debit card I can’t just go to any hotel because you had to have a debit card for that. Choices are limited unfortunately I’m forced to go back to the same place for the last night. I get there it’s not as bad because the construction workers are gone the way you enter in this building is with a code at the front door and there’s several units in the building. There was some homeless people roaming around right out front and some people that seemed a little bit troublesome anyways somehow I don’t know how they got in the building I don’t believe they paid to rent a room there and quite literally they were right outside my room a lot of the night I could hear them plotting to try to rob me I had a barricade the door closed and was terrified one guy was I was trying to climb up the side of the building to try to get in the window it was insane I couldn’t believe the situation I was dealing with and I paid to deal with this. Another situation I booked at Park View apts. I was in a rush to book it I didn’t have my phone so I had to book it from a computer I didn’t have a lot of time so I don’t think that I looked at the listing I ended up being this person’s first customer and her first hosting experience. Long story short it was horrible I get there I already realize that it’s not a place where I have a whole rental spot space to myself which is an absolute must the Internet TV isn’t working it’s not even turning on the complex is nice but not sure what’s going on. I love sucking it up because it’s late and I’m tired next thing I know she’s walking in half wait inebriated with a gentleman whom She didn’t communicate with me at all about bringing some random person in the space that I’ve rented to stay at. In an attempt to not mince words she was just an idiot blonde ditzy stupid. She then either take some form of a medication I do not know I go downstairs to let my dog out to come back upstairs she is fighting with her boyfriend and decided to lock both of us out of the apartment completely involving me and her drama I have paid to stay here and at this point I can’t even get my things so that I can leave I have to sit outside for the next five hours trying everything I can we have to we call the cops I called the apartment building manager I’ve contacted Airbnb which I was transferred around to different people no one helped to provide Immediate assistance to rectify the situation that is even possible because of a service they provide and I got no help six hours later and finally able to get my stuff I don’t believe I was given a refund if I was it wasn’t the amount that I paid. The last time that I tried Airbnb I’m in a hotel now which is ridiculous was when I went to 1312 W. fifth which is a building of units as well I’ve stayed here before I tried to give it one more chance because every time I’ve rented here there’s an issue every Single time I get to the room it’s so dirty trash everywhere it’s as if the maid service didn’t come I am late to my plans because I need to shower the owner shows up decides to talk to me about his personal life for an hour telling me it’s his birthday but he can’t cause I’ll get over his ex Blah blah then I have to switch units again because that one TV doesn’t work and I really enjoy watching TV I have to have a working television. I told him that I really would like to have a refund I told him that later that night as I’m bouncing around and he told me that if I’m staying out at night that I won’t get a refund either I’m leaving at two in the morning only to arrive at the hotel that I’ve been staying at The last two weeks the stress that these situations have caused me and the lack of help and compassion and attentiveness from this company is appalling. I’m seeking retribution for money that I did not get refunded and for feeling like I had to be put in situations that put my well-being at risk a company that seemed like they didn’t give a flying @#$%&! about that but they didn’t mind taking my money I rented so many times from this company and I feel like I never got what I paid for.

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