Justanswer Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

Justanswer Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

What Justanswer did:
I have a recorded call that can verify this. I did the free trial for just answer. Cancelled the service via their chat option on the website. As far as i knew it was cancelled. I didnt even think about accessing it again after free trial. But i was billed for it. Instead i was billed 46 bucks. Didnt notice until i had been charged like 3 more months. I called to get them to refund money since even they could see i hadnt touched it since free trial. But they instead only gave me 46 bucks refund. Even though they admitted that when i attempted to force a cancellation by making sure there was no money there to pull out when the charge was due, the service was indeed cancelled. But even after they claimed to have cancelled my membership at the point of non payment they just attempted to charge me again. Which i never agreed to. Monthly charge agreements would naturally mean that both parties are aware of thw date being charged and agree to the charge on that date. When giving them my credit card number i only agreed to them charging my card on that specific date every month. And good reason. Because when i wasnt allowed to cancel i still had an option to fight being charged for a service i didnt want or use. But they just waited 2 weeks and tried to charge it again. Even after they had me showing as cancelled membership in their system due to non payment. So they restarted my membership without me. Seeing where i tried to cancel. Sweing where i tried to get creative about cancelling. Seeing that they had me shown as cancelled. And seeing the service hadnt been used at all. Whattt! Who does that. Stop charging my card. Just cuz u got a credit card number doesnt mean you can just go and swipe it whenevr u feel. Id like the 46 bucks for the 3 months back in full this time. And also a respectable amount for all the trouble i had to go thru to get out of this arrangement and the trouble it caused when i didnt have access to the funds i wouldve otherwise had access to when i needed it and just plain bad faith business.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

A full refund of all the money they charged my card plus compensation for the trouble and loss of funds.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Georgia | Read more Justanswer complaints

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