Storage blue LLC Collections Issues

Storage blue LLC Collections Issues

What Storage blue LLC did:
Paying Since 2016 , last two years as HRA client and cash assistance recipient +- $200 unit cost rental. There was a lost /stolen check reported in August 2020, that was replaced by 4 more (different amounts) and 4 more since, that was never reported to me or HRA. I found out this May when I had to complete the recertification Waverly Job Center, HRA DHS, in NY. Jackie and Nelson, the two managers since: opened my delivery boxes, tempered with my account details, ledgers, altered my emails, fabricated invoices to cover up for this in the last two months since I picked up the police report I filed in April , a suspicious activity report that proved to be on point. I made it known to both I’d be filing a civil lawsuit both against the company & individuals which is when I was sent an unsigned blank eviction letter with an incorrect letterhead & misspelled address. My personal info was given to another business without my written consent. Later Nelson stated “display of nudity” as reason for eviction. No auction was advertised. DHS, HRA, Mr Ayal ***** ( Vin Siclen) , Mr Gabe ***** (DOI NYC ) are all aware aware and there is an active investigation going on . On top of that two years ago I was locked into a facility by the the then manager Manny who left 45 min before closing hours I had to climb over the front desk to charge my phone and call him to unlock me . He sent the other coworker back with the keys and there was one more person locked into the truck loading zone in the back where they also keep outdoor units . He was flashing his phone I was the one that noticed . I never pressed charges. So on top of the skimming cash for the extra unit I paid for and cashing multiple checks that were automatically being issued during COVID and because I was a client of DHS they evicted me although I’m pretty much sure evictions are illegal , they are in NY I’m sure in Jersey too. I asked the manager if he even found out if he is allowed to evict me /terminate my contract I was definitely not in lien like he said , in fact they were overpaid by HRA. He said he didn’t know. So not only are they liable to me for damages but to the government who is issuing the checks on my behalf to them as a part of my cash assistance. It’s a huge crime that I think is beyond small claims court and landlord and tenant grievance. I have since moved out on my own will only because I feared they would dispose of my belongings as I have witnessed Jackie do so to some other tenant earlier this year without an auction. They didn’t let me access my unit at all all my important documents are in there from my immigration, IRS , Labor Department, Birth Certificate, Diplomas my business certificate, medical records etc . I could not complete ID me to access my unemployment, my immigration file to apply for a repayment of my green card that was stolen , my birth certificate that I needed to apply for housing , medical records to show my doctor my MRI scan . I would like help to seek damages for all the stress they put me through , for defamation of character , fraud as well as potentially causing USCIS to deny my citizenship application (public charge) I don’t even know how much to ask for the retribution for my 10 years of hard work as an immigrant to be granted these benefits by the government.. to get to a pint that I may be held accountable for defrauding and abusing government money instead of a bunch of common thief’s and lists at the company that is not Bbb accredited and scores an F on Bbb rating . I am 6th person to file a consumer complaint apparently and they never answer I was told by the bbb yesterday. I have all the supporting documents, correspondence, police report and 4 subsequent police event updates . I am pretty confident I could maybe represent myself , but am exploring alternative options .

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Settlement and an apology

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